For owners of car parks, investing in car park cleaning in Birmingham may not, at first, seem necessary. However, car parks both indoors and outdoors rapidly build up dirt, oil stains, tyre marks, winter salt, discarded drinks/food and dirty water dripping off vehicles which can create issues for car park operators and a health and safety issue for car park users. Our team for car park cleaning services in Birmingham operate with flexible working hours, so we can carry out the work during your car park’s most quiet time, providing the least inconvenience to your patrons. 


Did you know that oil and carbon monoxide penetration and the build-up of detritus can lead to long-term damage to the surface of your car park. All of this can lead to unhappy customers, poor parking experience and expensive damage to the car parks surface. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, our car park cleaning will provide you with a sparkling clean car park that is ready to use! 
Whether your car park only fits a few cars or hundreds, we can maintain the appearance of cleanliness of your commercial car park with our car park cleaning service. 


At Encanto, we provide a proficient service for car park cleaning in Birmingham that removes the above issues faced by every car park. Our team can clean all types of floor including bare concrete, painted, textured finish, bitumen and more. They can also ensure that any potential puncturing objects are safely removed from the way of your patron's cars, along with any rubbish or other unwanted items. Regular use of our car park cleaning in Birmingham can help to ensure that your car park is maintained to the highest standards, ensuring that your patrons remain happy and keep coming back. 
Our car park cleaning service is second to none and provides our clients with the results that are desired. Encanto can provide a one-off car park cleaning service or we can offer regular contracts, such as every 3 months as part of a contract car park cleaning service. Get in touch with us today! 


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Our team are proud to work with a variety of businesses, see our client page for more examples and from some of these clients we have received great testimonials. Click the button below to see our testimonials page 


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