Due to the climate in the UK, we believe that it is crucial to clean your roof and canopies. With our service for roof cleaning in Birmingham, we will be able to make your roof spotless! However, without proper treatment, your roof and canopies will become dirty with moss and algae growth. Our specialist team for roof cleaning services in Birmingham can clean most types of pitched roofs, flat and semi-flat roofs and soffits and fascias, restoring and preventing any damage that could happen to your roof or canopy. 


Roof cleaning in Birmingham can also help to improve the look of your property visually, especially if your home is quite old! If you spend a lot of time and money on making your home look brilliant on the ground, a moss & algae-covered roof can instantly ruin an otherwise beautiful looking home! Roof cleaning in Birmingham is also ideal for keeping your roof tiles in good condition, meaning, that the costly job of replacing your roof tiles won’t become a regular one! 


Our team is specially trained, meeting the industries best practices and have wide a range of accreditations to their name. If you’re a commercial property owner and want to replicate a good impression to new and existing visitors, we can provide a work schedule that doesn’t interrupt your progress but gets the roof cleaning job done by a deadline. 
Reaching the difficult points of your roof can be tricky when working from the ground up, so if we need to, we can use scaffolding, towers, cherry pickers or more for our roof cleaning service. 
Whether you are looking for an industrial roof cleaning service, or a commercial roof cleaning service, we are here to help! Compared to usual pressure washing, our services are less likely to cause damage and are cost-effective. Get in touch with our team today! 


We have a selection of case studies published on our website, these include façade cleaning, construction cleaning and structural glazing cleaning. Click the button below to see all case studies by Encanto 


Our team are proud to work with a variety of businesses, see our client page for more examples and from some of these clients we have received great testimonials. Click the button below to see our testimonials page 
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