Exterior Cleaning Services Birmingham 

Encanto Limited is a leading provider of exterior cleaning services in Birmingham. With experience undertaking small to large scale works alike, we can provide a commercial cleaning solution for you. The foundation of Encanto is built on the expertise and experience of our professional cleaning technicians. 
During its lifetime, a building can pick up a lot of dust, pollution and other unwanted pollutants, especially in a city. The way a building looks on the outside can often influence a customer’s first impression of a business. And a great first impression is important for not only securing new business, but retaining old business. 
This is why we at Encanto are here to provide you with exterior cleaning services in Birmingham. By using our exterior cleaning professionals, you can restore your business’s fresh and clean appearance. 
Although we regularly support clients in the Birmingham area, we are able to work with clients throughout the West Midlands. We will always make sure to work with and under the guidance of the appropriate local authorities when completing work, should that be necessary. 
If you would prefer to speak to a representative, why not give us a call on 01213 683411.  




Encanto have carried out a number of jobs for the University since 2006, both large and small. We have found them to be able and willing to take on a wide range of jobs and they always go the extra mile. 
University of Birmingham 
We have used Encanto for a number of years as our main contractor for graffiti removal and exterior cleaning works. They are reliable with good quality of work and are highly recommended. We are always impressed with their response time - quite often the work is done on the day the day after our enquiry. 
Bromford Housing Group 


Encanto specialise in challenging jobs, especially high rise buildings in inner city areas. The Lloyds TSB project was to clean selected parts of the banks façade in Colemore Row Birmingham. We soon discovered that scaffolding the building was not suitable so the work was carried out using a lorry mounted boom. 
Since Colemore Row is a busy road, Birmingham City Council allowed us to carry out the work on Sundays only. Through careful planning and consultation with the Council we were able to complete the entire job in one day. 
In July 2017 we cleaned the exterior to a 300,000 square ft warehouse as occupied by distribution group Eddie Stobbart. We cleaned it using brushing with mild detergent then rinsing with steam pressure washers. 

Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Services Birmingham 

Encanto Limited is a provider of professional industrial and commercial cleaning services in Birmingham. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of industrial cleaning, which makes our team the right people for your next cleaning job. 
If you are the proprietor of a business, you need your building to make a lasting, and positive first impression on clients. Therefore, maintaining an orderly look for your building is imperative to obtaining and retaining customers. 
We use new and innovative cleaning techniques to restore your building back to its original state. 
Get in touch with the team today to get started. 
For the best industrial and commercial cleaning services in Birmingham, go with Encanto. 


What is exterior cleaning? 

Exterior cleaning applies to any cleaning that is needed to be done on any outside areas of a building. It can be areas such as car parks, roof cleaning or even brick cleaning
Exterior cleaning can help give your building and outdoor working areas a new lease of life. So why not let our professional team of cleaning experts meet all your exterior cleaning needs? Read more about our exterior cleaning services here
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What is the difference between commercial and industrial cleaning? 

Commercial cleaning refers to the cleaning of office buildings, retail cleaning and general non hazardous areas. 
Industrial cleaning refers to the cleaning of possibly hazardous areas such as warehouses, factories and post construction cleaning
Here at Encanto we are experts in both commercial and industrial cleaning, click here to read our client testimonials 
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How long does it take to clean a car park? 

Every car park can be different as it all depends on the size of the car park. As a guide, a car park with approximately 100 spaces would take one shift's worth of work. Depending on the time of day your exterior cleaning provider may be able to complete the job in a smaller amount of time. Click here to read more about our car park cleaning service. 
We cater to every client's needs whether it is a job on the weekend or even at night. Click here to contact us today for more information or to book an appointment. For expert car park cleaning contact Encanto today! 

Why is playground cleaning important? 

Keeping your playground equipment clean is very important. Without proper cleaning, dirt and bacteria can gather easily on each surface increasing the possibility of spreading germs or diseases amongst those using the equipment. As well as ensuring it is hygenic, having a playground covered in dirt is not very visually appealing.  
Here at Encanto our specialist team offers bespoke packages that encompasses all of your project demands. Click here to contact us today for more information or to book an appointment 


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