If steel cleaning is not performed regularly, any object crafted from steel is susceptible to staining and corrosion. Steel is often used in the construction and industrial industry, so the demand for companies who offer professional steel cleaning has soared in recent years. 
When properly maintained, steel can look fantastic and has tonnes of aesthetic value. When it has not been well kept, it can make a building or structure look exceptionally tired. We are one of the companies on the market offering professional steel cleaning services. Our team of restorative cleaners are leaders in their field, and can ensure any steel cleaning job is completed quickly to the highest commercial standards. 


The steel cleaning offered by Encanto is a comprehensive service, in which we perform steel washing as well as deep cleaning. We rely on the latest cleaning technology and industry practises to complete steel washing and cleaning to a high standard. Our team’s experience as well as our vast portfolio allows us to complete the job thoroughly, in a fraction of the time it would take you to complete the job yourself. Make a call today on 0121 368 3411 to obtain a quote. 


We have a selection of case studies published on our website, these include façade cleaning, construction cleaning and structural glazing cleaning. Click the button below to see all case studies by Encanto 


Our team are proud to work with a variety of businesses, see our client page for more examples and from some of these clients we have received great testimonials. Click the button below to see our testimonials page 


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