Glass is a very common material used in houses and buildings and can build up dirt quickly and significantly. This makes glass roof cleaning essential for those wanting to keep their space clean and keep their windows looking polished.Glass roof cleaning for commercial and industrial buildings requires a professional as it can become a time-consuming and difficult process. If cleaned the right way however, you can achieve great results, and have a nice glass roof that you can brag about! 

Glass Roof Cleaning: What You Need 

The equipment you need for glass roof cleaning can vary depending on a few factors such as: 
Type of glass window 
The location 
The height of the window 
Whether it’s conservatory glass roof cleaning 
Some of the things that you could need to keep your glass roof windows nice and shiny are as follows: 
Telescoping window cleaning pole with a squeegee 
A brush to attach to the telescoping pole 
Cherry picker 
Cat ladder 
A bucket 
Glass roof cleaning fluid 
PVC cleaner - for the framing 
Microfibre cloth 

Cleaning From The Inside 

Glass roof cleaning can be challenging, especially considering that glass is fragile. This means it’s essential to always take precautions, mainly: 
Not leaning the ladder on the glass. 
Not standing directly on glass. 
Making sure the ladder is completely sturdy 
The first step before any step is to make sure that you clean the inside glass window panes first. This ensures that you know which marks are left on the outside and which area to focus your attention on. 
1. Using your chosen glass cleaner (a non-reactive chemical) and lukewarm water in your bucket, dip your telescopic brush into the bucket and begin cleaning down the windows. It is important that you perform glass roof cleaning in downward motions to stay consistent and effective. 
2. Next, use your squeegee in downward motions to prevent water from remaining on the glass or frames. Do this step gently, maintaining contact from the squeegee to the glass at all times. This will help achieve a streak-free finish. 
3. Once the roof is shiny and clear of dirt and debris, change the head of your telescoping pole to a dry cloth, preferably a microfibre cloth. Microfibre cloths help to pick up any remaining dust without scratching surfaces and help to shine up the glass. 

Cleaning From The Outside 

Now you’ve cleaned your windows from the inside, cleaning from the outside is just as important, especially as the accumulation of dirt outside is more prominent. 
1. Firstly, create a safe access route to the roof to ensure that you don’t get injured whilst cleaning. 
2. Grab all the equipment you need and bring it up with you, storing it in a safe space (not leaning on the glass or other unsupported surfaces). 
3. Next, start cleaning and polishing your windows just like you did from the inside. You may need to scrub more for the outside, as dirt can build up quicker on the outside. 
4. Safely, lower yourself back to the ground with all your equipment and enjoy your spotless windows. 

Time to call a professional 

Glass roof cleaning can be an intensive and time-consuming process which is why it can be beneficial to hire a professional. This ensures that your windows are spotless and can even help to increase the lifespan of your windows. 
If you need any industrial or commercial window cleaning services. Be sure to visit Encanto. 
If you have any questions or enquiries about glass roof cleaning be sure to contact our team of professionals. We will be more than happy to assist you. 
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