An external window cleaner can bring life back to your building. There’s no doubt about that, but some may argue it is an unnecessary expense. Today, the Encanto team are going to have their say on whether external window cleaning is worth your money. 
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 Why Should I Hire an External Window Cleaner? 

Research suggests that people are in fact a lot more motivated and productive when they have a clean workplace. 
Having an organised, clean workplace will encourage staff to take more pride in their work as they can see the effort from you as a business owner, to keep their environment well maintained. 
It’s Done by Trained Professionals 
Exterior window cleaning involves working from a high vantage point, which is undeniably hazardous to those who haven’t trained window cleaners. 
However, when you hire a professional, not only will you avoid doing the job but you’ll know that it is being done safely. External window cleaners have been trained to work safely and efficiently using all of the latest equipment. Therefore, you take the risk out of external window cleaning when you hire a professional cleaning company to do the job. 
Create the Right First Impression 
We’ve discussed at length why external window cleaning is critical to a business. Dirty and unkept windows create a poor first impression on staff and potential customers. This is especially pertinent if your building has a lot of windows or large ones as they are the focal points of your building. A large glass office or any building made up primarily of windows should have external window cleaning as an ongoing service. 
Windows Will get Damaged Without It 
Without proper cleaning and maintenance, you may be creating more costs for yourself long-term. The build-up of dirt and debris has an effect on your external windows over time. Hiring a regular external window cleaner will cost you money of course, but will also save you money in the long run. 
Keeping your windows clean can even impact the energy efficiency of your building. With a less energy-efficient system, you’ll see your bills rise. But, when you regularly clean your external windows, you make your building more energy-efficient. Clean and well-maintained windows help to keep Low-E coatings and Low-E insulation in good shape. 

Final Take 

Whilst external window cleaning comes at a price, it’s an investment into your building. Whether it’s saving on your bills or the cost of new windows, you’re sure to get your money’s worth when you hire a commercial window cleaner. 
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