The commercial cleaning sector is booming, with more and more commercial cleaning companies forming all the time. Commercial cleaning is important. Companies seek the services of commercial cleaners so they can present a professional outward appearance, and commercial cleaning companies are experts in achieving this quickly and efficiently. Today we are going to take a closer look at the industrial cleaning sector: asking what, exactly, do industrial cleaning companies offer? 

Commercial Cleaning Companies: An Overview 

Commercial cleaning companies: what do they do day to day and what do they offer? A commercial cleaner refers to a person or company that provides cleaning services primarily to businesses. These businesses can be from any industry, and will vary in size. The jobs undertaken by an industrial cleaning company may vary in scale. For example, here at Encanto we offer anything from playground cleaning to broad scale services such as warehouse floor cleaning and construction site cleaning
A lot of people may have misconceptions about commercial cleaning. Namely, they may question why businesses opt to hire a professional team rather than completing the work themselves. Not only do commercial cleaning companies have access to costly equipment that captures professional results, but they offer logistical planning and time management skills. As the scale of the job increases, so does the demand on the team carrying out the work. Jobs like building cleaning are huge tasks that cannot be underestimated. 
In the case of warehouse floor cleaning, for example, it will require someone to liaise with warehouse management and floor staff at every step of the process. It will also require efficient workflow to ensure minimal disruption takes place. This is in addition to the mammoth task of cleaning a warehouse floor within, typically, a short time frame. As you can see, commercial cleaning is often a huge task that requires a team with experience and expertise. It is usually impossible for a large scale company to complete cleaning without the support of an external team. Continue below where we outline what exactly industrial cleaning companies offer. 

What Do Industrial Cleaning Companies Offer? 


We often hear about how valuable time is. If you own a large business or corporation, you will, more than most, appreciate the value of time. Every minute matters when you are trying to generate profit and make your business a success. Industrial cleaning companies offer what you do not have: an abundance of time. 
As we have established, it is important to maintain a professional appearance by having commercial cleaning completed regularly. This will increase your chances of generating repeat and new business by underpinning your company’s professionalism, conscientiousness and attention to detail. If you are a large business, it is unlikely that you will have the time to dedicate yourself to cleaning. Even if you can, you may not be able to achieve the results a commercial cleaner will. Commercial cleaning companies have time and are undivided. They are entirely focused on the task at hand, which helps them capture the best results. 

Professional Equipment 

Industrial cleaning companies have access to equipment that not only shortens the time frame for jobs, but helps to capture results that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. Here at Encanto, for example, we use technology that utilises superheated steam (temperatures rising up to 150°c). In addition to this, we, like other commercial cleaners, are able to supply the equipment and machinery to work at heights. Commercial cleaners are able to provide companies with a service that would be difficult to replicate in house. This starts with the equipment used by commercial cleaning companies. 

Proper Credentials 

A company that offers commercial cleaning services will be insured to use specialist cleaning equipment. All staff will be adequately trained so they meet health and safety regulations. A cleaning company, therefore, holds all the credentials to get the job done correctly and legally. Unless a business has a dedicated department for cleaning, it is unlikely that they will have the training and credentials to complete the job to standard. This, therefore, is what industrial cleaning companies offer. 

Commercial Cleaning by Encanto 

The team at Encanto hope you now have an insight into both the role of a commercial cleaner and the importance of their work. As a commercial cleaner ourselves, we strive to work closely with our clients to improve their corporate image. We offer a broad range of services which are suited to different clients adhering to different budgets. If you would like to chat more about services, contact us today. 
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