Here at Encanto, we have restored hundreds of buildings to their former glory using our techniques. Something that we encounter time and time again is outdoor mould and the effects that it can have on the appearance of a building. 
We’ve discussed at length previously the importance of exterior building cleaning and why it can hugely impact your business. Today, we are targeting exterior mould, why it occurs and how and when to deal with it. 
Already interested in exterior building cleaning services? Get in touch with the Encanto team today for further information and a quote, and we will be happy to assist you. 

Why Does Outdoor Mould Occur? 

Exterior mould most commonly occurs due to the following reasons: 
Problems with guttering 
Damaged damp-proofing 
Poorly maintained or broken drains 
Penetrating rain 
Through these instances, water can get into your walls and in some circumstances, cannot dry. Thus, mould occurs. If ventilation is poor, or the weather outside is cold, the water cannot dry. 
Whilst the best measure to keep mould under control is prevention, sometimes it’s too late and you’ve already got outdoor mould covering your walls. This can impact the appearance of your building and ultimately, your business. 

Why Should I Remove Outdoor Mould? 

Of course, we are all aware of the impacts of interior mould. Recently there has been a surge in the number of homes struggling to keep their mould under control. However, exterior mould also has a number of harmful impacts on your business. 
The removal of exterior mould is essential for your health but also for your business. Consider how you would feel walking into a building that’s covered in outdoor mould. What kind of first impression would that leave you with? The cleanliness of the exterior of your building has a much more significant impact than people think. Mould is extremely common, but can also spread extremely quickly. Dealing with it swiftly and effectively is the best way to prevent it from harming your business. 
In addition to this, much like interior mould, outdoor mould can have some lasting impacts on your health. Some common symptoms of mould exposure include: 
A runny or blocked nose 
Irritation of the skin and eyes 
Asthma attacks (for those with the condition) 

When Should I get Professional Mould Removal and Cleaning? 

When you notice the mould is beginning to spread, it’s probably time to call in the experts at Encanto. We offer extensive brick cleaning services and can tackle mould problems on the exterior of any commercial building. 
We use non-abrasive, modern exterior cleaning techniques to help preserve the historical beauty of your brickwork. In addition to removing the mould, Encanto will leave your brickwork looking brand new. It’s the kind of finish you will only achieve with a professional exterior cleaning company like ours. 

Exterior Brick Cleaning From Encanto 

Encanto’s exterior mould removal and cleaning services are available now, and we’re waiting for your booking. 
Get in touch with the team today for further information and a free quote. 
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