If you are reading this, you may be trying to overcome the challenge of removing graffiti on walls. Whilst this is an inconvenience, and indeed eyesore, to those in the residential sector, graffiti on walls can be hugely damaging to clients in the commercial or business sectors. 
If the first thing your customer is greeted with is a vandalised wall, it may plant seeds of doubt in their mind. They may question your reliability as a supplier, regardless of the product, or even opt to take their business elsewhere. 
This is why it is important that graffiti outside is reported swiftly and tackled promptly, by an industry expert such as ourselves. Today we are going to outline what, exactly, you can do if your building has been vandalised, whether that property is a commercial or residential plot. 

How Can I Remove Graffiti Outside 

You will find a wealth of information online on the topic of graffiti removal. Whilst there is a lot of fantastic advice out there, this sort of task should be assigned to an expert. 
Not only can graffiti removal be challenging, depending on the type of building you own, but it can be time consuming. Even we at Encanto, with years of commercial and residential experience, find some jobs challenging. 
The truth is, if you want to effectively and efficiently remove graffiti on walls, you need to enlist the help of an experienced team. This is where someone such as ourselves, with an ever growing portfolio of clients, will step in. 
The good news is, almost all graffiti can be removed. What’s more, our team can implement processes which decrease the likelihood of your building being vandalised in the future. 

How Do You Approach Graffiti Removal? 

When tasked with removing graffiti, we will consider a number of factors before starting the job. We first need to identify the type of paint used. Spray and chalk are popular options, with both demanding a slightly different approach. 
Chalk paint can be removed with relative ease, as our team utilises advanced pressure washing technology and techniques. Spray paint, on the other hand, may require an additional detergent used in conjunction with our pressure washing system. 
We will also need to consider the material in question, as delicate masonry and brick will require a gentler approach. 
Once the graffiti has been removed, our team will apply a specialist coating that seals the surface and makes future cleaning, should it be required, far easier. If the building requires care because of the delicate nature of the building material, our team will use a sacrificial coating. Warm water will wash away the coating, as well as any new graffiti. 

Encanto: Offering a Solution for Graffiti on Walls 

As you can see, if you are dealing with graffiti outside there are a number of things to consider. Making correct judgements and decisions can be hard if you have limited experience in graffiti cleaning. The last thing you want, for example, is to use a commercial system that exerts pressure too high. This could damage your property. 
At Encanto, we have a team dedicated to graffiti cleaning. Using the latest technology and processes, we can deliver a fantastic result whilst maintaining the structural integrity of the building. Additionally, we can help you choose the correct preventative measures to reduce any work in the future. 
For a personalised quote, or to speak to a member of our team, contact us today. We offer our expert advice throughout the West Midlands. 
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